Lesson 3. Don’t jump ship before you hit the iceberg.

The “ICEBERG” is an obstacle within your sales effort.

* If you are pursuing a client/prospect and you have built a strong business case as to why they should consider you and your product/company/service, then stay with the ship.

* You can navigate around the “iceberg” if you are on board.  You cannot adjust/change if you jump ship.

* Once you navigate around the “iceberg”, you will discover new options for success that you will never learn by jumping ship.

REMEMBER, “Sales & Sales Strategies” are a process.  You need to stay on board to develop/adjust/change your specific process.


Lesson 2. Whether negotiation is strong or weak depends entirely on your goals.

You may not agree with this statement, but, read it, reflect on it, see how it may apply to YOU.

Feel free to give me your input on the statement.

 What are your GOALS?

Can you write it down in a simple statement?

If you cannot write your GOAL in a simple sentence, then it may not truly be a GOAL.





Lessons of Life learned from a salesman and sales manager

I (Rick Summey – theSummeyGroup.com) have found after many years of effective successful selling and managing sales groups, there are some basic truths about people, customers and prospects.

I recently saw the following from 20 Business Truisms That Can Change Your Life By Steve Tobak | December 9, 2010 .  I will review one truth at a time to discuss.  You may not want to believe them, but they hold much truth in your dealings with your company, your prospects and your customers:

Lesson 1.  If you don’t know, say so.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, stop talking.


??? What do you do??  What do you wish you had done?  How can you improve ??

Confidence comes from success,

Knowledge comes from failure & no one can take that away from you


Why The Summey Group ?


Improve Sales
Become #1 or continue to be #1
Become a Trusted Advisor vs a Sales Representative/Salesperson

Become a more effective manager to increase sales

Improve the confidence of your clients in YOU
Implement small, easy changes to assure they become your sales standards
Reduce waste in your sales efforts
Close sooner
Increase mindshare within your customers & prospects
Help your customers feel important & respect YOU
Show your customers you have their best interests while selling more
Customers/Companies/People BUY from those they respect


Who is Rick Summey?

Rick Summey is the Founder and President of The Summey Group, LLC.

Rick is a business and sales leader that will guide, lead and coach your  leadership, sales, marketing & operations teams to improve your bottom line by achieving written agreed upon Goals & Objectives.

Rick has the experience as a Senior Level Manager of Sales, Sr Salesman, Sr VP of Marketing, Operations Executive & Sr VP Facilities Development  within the High Tech (IBM, Cisco Systems, startups) & Financial Industries.

Rick has successfully created, managed and led teams from 5 to 550 people.  He has exceeded sales quotas over 20 years.  Rick has developed Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams that produce lasting results and are accountable implementing strategies to improve sales and reduce expenses.  He has developed teams to improve a customers’ experience with companies so that they gain customer confidence and market-share.

(214) 704-2538


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